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The Time of My Life by David Cook

The Time of My Life was written by Regie Hamm. Last, this song becomes a winner for the 2008 American Idol Songwriter's Competition. David Cook - as a winner American Idol 7th season - sing This Time of My Life at Final.

It was released as David Cook's first single exclusively on iTunes on May 22, 2008. On Friday, May 23, it was made available at all digital retailers. The song was sent to the radio stations following the end of the airing of American Idol finale in Hawaii

“The Time of My Life” was reach number 1 on the iTunes Top 100 Songs list in both the United States and Canada within the first 7 hours of the song’s availability.

Single Released
May 22, 2008
Digital Download
Music Genre
Pop Rock

This Time of My Life Lyrics

The Time of My Life Video Music by David Cook

David Cook - The Time Of My Life [Winning Song] -

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